Scuba Diving in Athens

The school itself is located 10 minutes away from downtown Athens in the Ilissia area, near the well-known Hilton and Caravel hotels. The nearest Metro (underground railway) stop is “Evangelismos”.

Athens is the capital of Greece and the host of the 2004 Olympics, a city with more than 3000 years of history and offers numerous attractions.  Most people pass through Athens on their way to other locations across Greece.

The one or two days they usually spend there, may understandably be hectic, as the various local attractions compete for time in the visitors’ already busy schedules.

Nevertheless, diving can often be the perfect excuse to get away:  After all, holidays are supposed to be stress-free!  And, in fact, this is what diving does for you:  It relaxes you!  When you are underwater, you are in a different world. There, everything is slower, quieter and calmer. The colours are different, more vivid and, at the same time, appeasing.  Visitors in Athens have repeatedly commended the waters there.  Some have left Athens saying that they did their best dives there, which for us are only to be viewed as average, especially if you consider the unlimited possibilities that the natural beauty of Greece offers.

Sotiriou Dive Center

Address: Taxilou 33, Athens 15771

Tel: +30 21 0770 5470

Athens Blue

You don’t have to get on a ferry boat to the Greek islands to enjoy swimming in the Aegean Sea. Athens has a string of beaches which begins in Pireaus, known as The Apollo Coast and like any city the further you get out of town the better the beaches are. In 2016, ten of Attikas best beaches were amongst Greece’s 430 that were awarded with a Blue Flag, a world-renowned eco-label trusted by millions around the globe.

In love with Athens?